Tia's Tacos

Mexican American Food Truck

Who We Are

What does Tia Mean?

The name Tia is Spanish for Aunty. In the Mexican American culture your Tia can be your Mum’s best friend, the next door neighbor you grew up with, a cousin, a Godmother, or it could be the lady you buy tacos from. Basically, your Tia is a woman in your life that will look after you with love and care.

I’m a Tia to lots of people. I’ve always had special place in my heart for youth and feeding people brings me joy beyond words.

Who is Tia?

I am an all American girl that was born and raised in the Beach Cites of Los Angeles California which we call the South Bay. 

My father’s parents immigrated to the US from Mexico. My father was born in California and is a true Chicano. My Aubelita (Mexican for grandma) cooked all the meals for her 8 kids and around 40 grandchildren. When I asked her to teach me some of her cooking tricks she was proud to show me around the kitchen. However, I learned to cook from my Mother who raised me on her own. 

My great Grandfather on my mother’s side, Peter Schneider, emigrated from Germany during WWII and ended up in Los Angeles in the 1950’s, where he opened a restaurant called Schneider’s Café. My Grandfather Fredrick Schneider was a keen fisherman, hunter, and BBQ extraordinaire. Grandma Suzy is an amazing baker who makes a Cinnamon Roll that will knock your socks off. My Mom, Jondi Schneider, is the master of fusion cooking. She taught me how to cook seasonal and explore with different flavors, spices,and herbs – from a young age I was watching and learning and growing my passion for cooking.

Why Us?

My mission is to bring the taste of South Bay to our Bay here in NZ. The key for me is that you will be able to walk up to the truck and feel the South Bay, L.A culture. 

My food is simple, home-style, and made from scratch with love. I will forever evolve our menu offerings and always use fresh seasonal produce to showcase the best of what is available locally.

I'd like to work with you to design a unique and delicious catering option for your next private party, event, wedding, and or corporate function.

♥ Erica Your Tia